Who is Josefa?

Josefa is you, it's me, she's your best friend, she's your neighbor, she's your co-worker, she's someone you've met in the past or someone you'll possibly meet in the future.

All the Josefas in this blog, portray the lived experiences of different people that I once crossed on my path and others that I never knew, but their stories came to me to learn something from them.

It has not happened to you - sometimes - that from conversation to conversation you hear some situation that has happened to someone - good or bad - and it has not happened to you that you want to tell them: "I know someone who has something similar . " - The typical thing is that they think that it is you who happened to them or that they begin to guess who could be treated.

 Faced with this situation and without encouragement to tell anyone - With the hope that these stories reach many. Here the blog "Stories of Josefas - Open Book" - Where Josefa will always be the protagonist of each of the stories without dealing with the same person in them.

These stories will entertain you, possibly make you bring a memory to your mind that will make you laugh - or perhaps cry - But ABOVE ALL I hope I can get a smile when you read me and make you realize that you are not the only one it happened "this or that".

With love,

Razev smiley

** Not all characters, places or situations are 100% real - They have fiction for literary purposes and entertainment ** Always keep an open mind, some topics can be a bit "controversial" **