Who has not stolen a kiss? And if I tell you that this Josefa was stolen three times "without wanting to"

I know that his first kiss was with a little boy from the nest. Although he has no memory of it, a photo that his mother keeps in a photo album is proof of that.

The second time was with Dean, in the parish kermesse. They were 10 years old at the most and he had asked her to be his lover a few months ago ─ At that age she did not understand much about the subject and I think he did not either. Josefa thought that "being in love with someone" was also like being her best friend or being in the same catechetical group or sharing a lunch box. Without more or less Josefa was his "girl" - let's say that Dean was a child "very precocious for his time" ─ and for the current one also to be honest.

Josefa still remembers that Kermes as if it were yesterday. Everything happened when they played hide and seek. While we all looked for a place to hide. Suddenly ... Zas! - Dean kissed Josefa! ─ rather, he stole a kiss.

What thing?? How smooth! What children for more enlarged !! ─ You will think, but I'll tell you what happened next. They had hidden together, among the bushes ─ so that they would not find who was keeping track of the game. Suddenly Dean looked at her and said:

─ Close your eyes, I want to give you a gift ─ She confided blindly to Dean ─ with no idea what was about to happen ─ Josefa closed her eyes and Dean approached very timidly to his lips and kissed ─ Josefa was shocked without knowing how to react ─ when he finished, he asked: ─ "Did you like it?" ─ She very naive and sorry said yes. Suddenly he kissed her again. And that was her childhood secret ─ at least that's what she wanted to believe, because she later learned that the entire parish community knew it.

Time passed ─ And bigger but she was just as innocent ─ I was dating for almost a year with a boy from our class. For a year, the poor guy just allowed him to kiss her on the cheek and take her by the hand or sit next to her ─ But nothing else. ─ I never understood if it was because of shame or because he did not want his parents to find out. Pedro - whom I speak to now ─ had always wanted to steal Josefa's kiss (he also felt pressure for the school boys who called him "long sack" ─ poor man, bulling him because he had not kissed Josefa after all this time to be like lovers). Almost a year and a half that they were going out together, Josefa let Pedro begin to accompany her up to a few blocks near her house. ─ Eye! Always in a group. Until one day ─ because "THE DAY" always arrives ─ this group did not go with them. And it happened again: Same story, same fool, different boy.

─ I have a surprise for you, close your eyes and open your arms ─ Pedro said

She followed his instructions to the letter and asked him:

─ Is it a stuffed animal? ─ He opened his eyes, and saw that he was looking for something in his backpack

─ Close your eyes! it's not good to open them "- Pedro insisted.

Josefa was excited and literally confided to closed eyes. Suddenly ... Zas! Josefa's lips were being touched by Pedro's. While she enjoyed those five tender seconds and felt her foot "pop" she started to feel a strange body trying to get into her mouth ─ It was Pedro's tongue! - Eiu! The moment was ruined. She opened her eyes and "Splash!" ─ slapped him for taking advantage and Josefa's quick escape ─ faster than he runs paths ─ Josefa was super sorry for what just happened - But as they say out there "The one who follows her get "─ Yes or no Pedro?

Then he would get the kiss that Josefa would steal from Santi, a boy he liked at that moment. That kiss was less naive and more casual ─ and although it was only a little pecker ─ That kiss opened the way to those who followed them with him. Those kisses shook her from head to toe. The kisses between Santi and Josefa were kisses of love - Better said ─ of passionate teenagers - OMG !! Yes, they were.

Then others came ... That it's pointless to mention. Because although they liked it at the time they did not mark it like the previous ones - and maybe not in them either.

The last thief would arrive many springs later, in a distant and distant country for both ─ on a summer night party ─ And although they do not remember well what really happened or how it all began. Those kisses ended in true love ─ what in principle should have been temporary.

The truth is that you never know how many thieves or toads you will kiss in search of true love ─ And you should not feel guilty or self-conscious about having an impressively long list or list without names. Do not judge others (remember that it is difficult to know what is really happening in the shoes of the other) and much less to yourself! (Many times we ourselves are our worst judges) Just enjoy the moment and be happy ─ that's the most important thing.

Perhaps, the thief of your last first kiss is sitting next to you at this moment.

Happy Valentines!!! heartangel